UMassCTF ’21: Web: Hermit – Part 2

This is for the UMassCTF ’21 CTF.

Challenge Author: Cobchise#6969

For this challenge, we are provided the following information:

Hint 1:

Hint 2:

Going to the provided link in my browser, I get an invalid response error:

I then decide to netcat to that port to see what I can get:

Ahh, this is an SSH port.

Thinking back to the previous Hermit challenge, I notice this is the same IP, just a different port.

I go back to my one-line PHP shell that I uploaded and poke around some more.

I decide to run the whoami to see what user I am:

Now I check sudo – l to see what hermit can do:

Ahh, that looks interesting. I run that command:

That made it easy!


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