Vishwa CTF: Reverse Engineering: Misleading Steps (484)

This is from the 2021 Vishwa CTF

For this challenge, we are given the following clue and a binary file:

When performing a static analysis of the binary, I see what looks like a flag, but as it states, it is a false flag:

Next, I execute the program in terminal to see what it does:

It slowly scrolls out the following text:

The first appearance deceives many,the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden...

Next, I load up my debugger and inspect it.

I noticed that there a number of characters (in hex) listed out:

I capture those hex values in a text editor.

76 69 73 68 77 61 43 54 46 7b 55 6d 4d 5f 77 33 69 52 44 6f 6f 6f 30 5f 31 5f 41 6d 5f 74 68 33 5f 72 33 34 6c 5f 30 6e 33 7d

I then convert them to ASCII:

And now I have the real flag!

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