UTCTF2021: Beginner: Cipher Gauntlet (100)

This is from the UTCTF2021 CTF

Challenge Author: balex

For this challenge, we are given a hint and a text file:

A quick trip over to RapidTables and we get this:

Apparently the princess is in another castle. I see that there is what appears to be a base64 encoded string. A quick trip over to Base64Decode and we get this:

Yet another castle. This time I have another string that appears to be a cipher along with a clue. This leads me to think it could be a Caesar Cipher. A quick trip to dcode.fr and I get this:

congratulations! you have finished the beginner cryptography challenge. here is a flag for all your hard efforts: utflag{now_youre_playing_with_crypto}. you will find that a lot of cryptography is building off this sort of basic knowledge, and it really is not so bad after all. hope you enjoyed the challenge!